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Press the Spider play button in the game window to launch the game.

See below for a slider demonstration of a typical game.

Press ? button during the game for a brief reminder of the key rules.

You can press the spider fullscreen at the top of the game window, this will reduce or expand the playing window.

If you are using a Mobile Phone then you should hold the phone on its side (landscape)

How to play Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is best demonstrated by example.

The slider below takes you through a typical game of Spider Solitaire.

Move through the slides using the < and > symbols on the edge of your screen

When you have finished you could try a real game?

Spider Solitaire Demonstration
MOBILE PHONE users. Please turn your phone on its side (Landscape)
Slide 1
Choose level of difficulty. We will try MEDIUM today
Slide 2
The object of the game is to UNCOVER all of the hidden cards and to arrange the cards in rank and Suit from King to Ace. Once you have an ordered run from King to Ace it will be automatically removed from the table. In this game you can move the 7 of hearts onto the 8 of hearts. You can also move the Queen of Hearts onto the King of Hearts
Slide 3
Important note: You can move cards below a DIFFERENT suit providing the rank order is maintained. For example the 8 of Spades could be moved under the 9 of Hearts. This isnt ideal but will be necessary in order to uncover some cards. In this game we have moved all the cards that can be moved and we now need to click on the Stack (see the cards on the bottom-right of the screen)
Slide 4
You can move a RUN of cards IF they are all in the SAME suit. For example, in column 5 there is a run from 10 of Spades to the 6 of Spades. You could move this run onto the Jack of Spades OR the Jack of Hearts! You CANT move a run if it is MIXED suits or the card rank is broken. For example, you cant move column 3, because the 10 of hearts is NOT in rank order with 3 of Hearts. But you COULD move the 3 and 2 of Hearts (in column 3) onto a 4.
Slide 5
You can see that we have some reasonable runs building. But we need to complete the runs from King to Ace in order for the run to be removed from the table. Note that there are still more cards in the Stack. (see bottom of screen)
Slide 6
We have removed a run of Spades. Note that if you manage to empty a column you can place ANY card or run of cards in that column
Slide 7
Note that all of the cards in the stack have been dealt and the computer is telling us that there are no more options. But never mind. If at first you don't succeed....
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Or you could watch a You Tube video…..


You can press the full screen button  button at the top of the game window. This will expand or reduce the playing window.

Spider Solitaire is usually played with two standard decks of 52 playing cards each.

In this online version we play the standard 4-suit game. We also offer a 1-suit game and a 2-suit game.

The 1-suit and 2-suit game use the same number of cards but all the cards dealt are 1 or 2-suits

The games increase in difficulty with the more suits, So a 1 suit game will be easier than a 2 suit game which will be easier than a 4-suit game

Start by dealing ten piles (columns) of cards on the table. The first four piles should have six cards each, while the remaining six piles should have five cards each. All cards should be dealt face-down except for the top card in each pile, which is face-up.

The remaining cards (50) are placed in a Stack

This is all done for you by the program!


How to move the cards

If you are playing on a Personal Computer then you left click (and hold down) while you drag the card to the new location. At the correct position you click to release the card

If you are playing on a Tablet or Chromebook then move the cursor over the card you wish to move. Click the touchpad and hold down with one finger while you drag the card with another finger to the new location. Click again to release the card

If you are playing on your phone then simply drag the cards with your finger.



The goal of Spider Solitaire is to arrange all the cards in each suit in descending order from King to Ace.

Once you have formed a complete sequence of cards from King to Ace in a single suit, that sequence is removed from the table.

The game is won when all cards are removed from the table.



You can move cards between different piles according to the following rules:

a. You can move any face-up card onto another card that is one rank higher and of the opposite color (e.g., a black 7 can be placed on a red 8).

b. You can move a sequence of cards in descending order, as long as all the cards in the sequence are of the same suit.

c. Empty spaces can be filled with any card or sequence.

Once you have gone as far as you can you can,  deal another layer of cards from the stack (just click on the stack) – you need to uncover all of the cards in the Stack in order to win!


Moves and Strategy:

Click and drag a card then click at a valid destination to move the card.

You can move a single card or a valid sequence of cards.

It’s generally wise to uncover face-down cards whenever possible to provide more options for moves.

Keep in mind that you need to uncover all cards INCLUDING those in the Stack.

Cards are only removed from the table when there are complete sequences of the SAME suit.



Spider Solitaire is won when all cards have been removed from the table.

The game is considered more challenging if you aim to complete it with as few moves as possible.

ok enough talk, now press the play button button on the game window. Good luck!

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Great fun!100%

Spider solitaire

25 July 2023

My favourite arachnid

A Westbury

Spider Solitaire - Great fun - 100% free


Spider Solitaire is a captivating and challenging solitaire card game that has captured the hearts of players around the world. In this article, we will delve into the origin and history of Spider Solitaire, explore effective tips and strategies, and uncover some interesting facts about the game.

Origin and History:

Spider Solitaire is believed to have been created in the early 1940s and gained popularity as a computerized version of the classic solitaire game. It is commonly attributed to the game designer Thomas Warfield, who developed the Spider Solitaire program in the 1990s. Since then, Spider Solitaire has become a staple in solitaire collections on various computer platforms.

Tips and Strategies:

Plan ahead: Before making moves, take a moment to scan the tableau and analyze potential sequences that can be formed. Strategically moving cards and opening up tableau columns will increase your chances of success.
Expose hidden cards: Whenever possible, try to uncover face-down cards by playing the cards above them. This will provide you with more options and opportunities to make strategic moves.
Prioritize empty tableau columns: Creating empty columns can be advantageous as they allow you to maneuver cards more freely and build sequences without limitations.
Work on building suit sequences: Whenever you have the choice between moving cards of the same rank, prioritize the sequence that helps build suits. This will create opportunities for more moves and facilitate the creation of complete suit sequences.

Interesting Facts:

Spider Solitaire is renowned for its complexity and the strategic thinking it requires. The game often presents challenging situations where finding the optimal move becomes crucial.
The degree of difficulty increases with the number of suits played
Spider Solitaire is sometimes referred to as “The King of Solitaire” due to its popularity and the level of skill it demands from players.


Spider Solitaire is a captivating solitaire game that combines strategy, patience, and skill. With its rich history, intricate gameplay, and challenging nature, Spider Solitaire has become a favorite pastime for solitaire enthusiasts worldwide. By employing effective tips and strategies, you can enhance your chances of success and fully appreciate the depth of this remarkable card game.

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